Khasta kachori

Khasta kachori reminds me of those childhood shopping trips. Almost every month we went shopping for home. And every month we got a treat – khasta kachori and aaloo sabzee (potato curry). And it is absolute yum.


1. 4 cups of maida (all purpose flour)

2. 1/2 cup of molten desi ghee

3. Around 3/4 cup of water

4. Salt around 1 tsp

5. Around 3/4 cup of dhuli moong daal soaked in water for 2 hours

6. Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

7. Coriander seeds – crushed slightly – 1 tsp

8. Fennel seeds – 1 tsp

9. Grated ginger – 1 tbsp

10. Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

11. Dried coriander powder – 2 tsp

12. Garam masala – 1 tsp

13. Dried mango powder – 1 tsp

14. Salt – to taste

15. Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

16. Oil

17. Besan (gram flour) – 4-5 tbsp


Mix the ghee, and 1 tsp salt in the all purpose flour. Mix well. Now slowly start adding the water and fold the flour into a soft smooth flour. Keep aside covered with a dry kitchen towel.

For the filling, remove all water from the soaked lentils. Put this into a blender and crush very lightly just so the lentil grains break a bit. Don’t overgrind lest it would become a paste. Now heat around 2 tbsp of oil in a pan. Add the Cumin seeds, lightly crushed coriander seeds and fennel seeds (also lightly crushed if you like). Let the seeds crackle and reduce the flame. Now add the red chilli powder, dried coriander powder and turmeric. Stir for a few seconds. Add in the ginger and again stir fry for a few seconds. Now add in the besan and roast on low flame until the besan (gram flour) starts to give a nice aroma.

Now add the crushed lentils and mix well. Finally add the dried mango and mix well. Take the mixture out in an open plate and let it cool down.

We are now ready with the ingredients and can start to roll the kachoris. It takes quite a while to fry these so I normally also start to heat the oil for frying. Keep this at a low-medium flame. All frying must be done at low medium flame otherwise the kachoris will not be crispy.

While the oil is heating, take the dough – approx. the size of a tennis ball – and make a small ball. Roll this boll into a circle of around 2-3 inch diameter. Now take this in your hand and fill in a little ball (approx. 1 inch diameter) of the lentil mixture. Pinch and close the dough onto the lentil ball. Now roll this again gently to upto 2 inch diameter. And that’s it the kachori is ready to be fried.

My frying pan is big enough to accomodate around 4-5 of such kachoris. So I fried these in small batches of 4-5. The oil must be on low-medium heat. Better to be on lower heat side. Now gently slide the kachoris into the oil. No need to turn them immediately and you can let them fry. The kachoris will slowly start to float in the oil. Now gently turn them upside down in the oil. They will puff up. Fry on low heat until lightly brown.

When ready take them out on a napkin to remove excess oil.

Ready to be eaten 🙂 🤗

You can eat this with potato curry or simply chutney.