Imli ki sonth (Tamarind chutney)

Super easy, super yum chutney traditionally known as Imli ki sonth. This is paired usually with street food items from India such as pakodas, pani puri, samosa etc.

Cooking time: 30-40 min


1.25 bowl of tamarind (imli) pulp

approx. 1 bowl of sugar (you can substitute this with jaggery too)

Salt (to taste)

Red pepper 1 tsp (adjust to taste)

Fresh roasted ground cumin seeds 1.5-2 tbsp

Water 0.5 bowl


Take the tamarind pulp (imli ka gooda) in a pan and add the water and sugar to it.

Cook on low to medium flame until the chutney takes a syrup like consistency and changes colour to a nice dark reddish brown. At this stage add the spices – salt, red pepper and cumin seeds. The chutney is ready to go. If you have black salt as well with you, then put part white and part black salt for added flavour.

The sonth (chutney) can be refrigerated and stored for at least a month.